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About Us

Annihihate is a nonprofit organization founded by 3 high school students. Our personal experiences have inspired us to establish this AAPI safe-space to talk about and raise awareness of all types of prejudice that people face every day. Annihihate shares our student-created content about coming from different cultures and backgrounds.  We host podcasts, sometimes with prominent guests, to share stories and provide resources and advice for addressing hate and discrimination. Annihihate also provides peer counseling and other support.

"Race hate isn't human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature."

--Orson Welles

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is severalfold:

  • To raise awareness (particularly in K-12 students) about hate and racism;

  • To provide training and tools for identifying and fighting hate and discrimination in school and other settings; and

  • To provide a forum for victims of bullying, hate and racism to seek support and peer counseling.

We aim to educate, debate, and annihilate hate.

Students Walking Home
Chalkboard with Different Languages

Our Vision

Through education and outreach, we hope to build a community that is understanding and kind; a group of fellow students who celebrate our cultural differences and recognize our basic commonalities. 

Meet The Team

Synn, Melinda (Michi) Photo 2021.jpg

Michi Synn
President & CEO,

Michi Synn is a first-generation Asian American (Chinese/Korean) who is passionate about fighting systemic racism. She is the "Super Brain" of the champion team that won NBC's Genius Junior prime time competition and has been recognized as a Carson Scholar for 6 consecutive years for her academic achievements and humanitarian qualities. Michi was named the winner of the 2024 Melissa Maxcy Wade Social Justice Award by Emory University/Barkley Forum.

Joyce Wu
Secretary & Co-Founder


Steven Yin
Treasurer & CFO;


Sammy Synn
Director of Marketing & Social Media

Sammy Synn is a first-generation Asian American (Chinese/Korean) and Michi's younger brother. Sammy is an accomplished public forum debater who loves to learn about social studies and current events. He is also an award-winning young writer. Sammy wants to make a difference by getting important messages out to fellow students. Sammy was named a Carson Scholar for 2 consecutive years for his academic achievements and humanitarian qualities.


Steven Yin is a Chinese immigrant who is motivated to help those who face everyday racism because of his experiences with it growing up. Steven came to the US at the age of 9 with his non-English speaking mother, and he has taken on many responsibilities.

Joyce Wu has dealt with microaggressions throughout her life and believes that they can be corrected through education. Joyce and her family came to the US when Joyce was 2 years old. Joyce and Michi met in preschool when they were both 2 years old, and they share a commitment to both education and social justice.

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